Firearm, Equipment and Ammo Requirements:

The handgun must be fully functional, have all factory-installed safety devices intact, and have no dangerous modifications (such as a “hair” trigger, or a removed trigger guard, etc.)

A minimum of two magazines - single or one double magazine pouch is recommended.

Electronic hearing protection is highly recommended. W recommend aquiring ammunition, handguns, hearing protection and all other needed or desired items from Past And Blast. Sturdy belt, hat, eye protection, loose pants, comfortable shoes or boots, etc. You will need a to be able to conceal your firearm with a garment which includes the need for a concealment holster. We will accomplish drawing from both a concealment and a training or everyday carry outside the waistband holster, these can be one in the same.

Your Carbine Rifle will need a strap in which you rifle can be suspended on your person without you holding on to it. You will need at least 2 magazines capable of holding 10 rounds at minimum.

Ammunition Quantity:

Bring the following quantities of new, factory-made ammunition:

-3D Tactical Basic Handgun Level I: requires a minimum of 200 Rounds
--3D Tactical Basic Carbine: requires a minimum of 300 Rounds
---3D Tactical Fighting Handgun Level II requires a minimum of 200 Rounds
----3D Tactical The Fight for Freedom Handgun & Carbine Requires a minimum of 200 Handgun Rounds and 200 Carbine rounds

*Lunch included:)
**Each individual responsible for own snacks and hydration drinks needed throughout the day, however, there will be water and soda available for purchase.
Larry Stevenson, The Bearded Black Cowboy
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3D Tactical Defense - Tactical Firearms Training Classes

Location: 1941 Chisum Trail Rd., Whitesboro, TX.
Basic Tactical Firearms Training
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To Be Held at Range: Alloy Arms located at 1941 Chisum Trial Rd, Whitesboro, TX

3D Tactical Defense-is includes one-day "Tactical" Firearms Training Classes which include:
• Shooting and move & Shooting while moving 2 VERY different techniques
• Weapons retention
• Drawing from concealment holster
• Close quarters combat
• Active Shooter Scenerios
• Multiple Attackers & Multiple good guys
• Self defense
• Stressed under fire, Vehicle Assaults, and Much, Much, more!

We train to GUN, FIGHT, WIN!!!

For more information call Larry at 469-964-1421
Class Dates/Start Time 9am Cost $199.99 per person
August 19, 2017 Basic Tactical Handgun
August 26, 2017 Basic Tactical Carbine AR Rifle
September 23, 2017 Level ll Fighting Tactical Handgun

Special Guest to appear
***September 9, 2017

“The Fight for Freedom”
Handgun and Carbine AR Rifle
$499.99 Lunch Included
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