Firearm, Equipment and Ammo Requirements:

The handgun must be fully functional, have all factory-installed safety devices intact, and have no dangerous modifications (such as a “hair” trigger, or a removed trigger guard, etc.)

A minimum of two magazines - single or one double magazine pouch is recommended.

Electronic hearing protection is highly recommended. W recommend aquiring ammunition, handguns, hearing protection and all other needed or desired items from Past And Blast. Sturdy belt, hat, eye protection, loose pants, comfortable shoes or boots, etc. You will need a to be able to conceal your firearm with a garment which includes the need for a concealment holster. We will accomplish drawing from both a concealment and a training or everyday carry outside the waistband holster, these can be one in the same.

Ammunition Quantity:

Bring the following quantities of new, factory-made ammunition:

3D Tactical Basic Defensive Handgun: requires a minimum of 200 rounds

Each attendee will receive FREE THIS TACTICAL RANGE BAG

*Lite Breakfast and full Lunch included:)
**Each individual responsible for own snacks and hydration drinks needed throughout the day, however, there will be water and soda available for purchase.
Larry Stevenson, The Bearded Black Cowboy
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3D Tactical Defense - Basic Tactical Training Course

July 8, 2017 (ladies Only) and July 15, 2017 (open to Public) at Alloy Arms
Time 9am - 6pm (or Later)
Location: 1941 Chisum Trail Rd., Whitesboro, TX.
Basic Tactical Firearms Training
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Texas's Premier One-day Basic Tactical Training Course and Firearms Retreat for Self Defense, Personal Safety, and Firearms Training. Designed specifically with the "good guy/gal with a gun" in mind.

Spend One Day with one of the nations Premier/Elite personal safety and tactical firearms experts at Alloy Arms; a Firearms Retreat in which you will leave with the Basic Tactical Skills to Safely Protect Yourself, Your Family and that person calling for help!

2nd Amendment Gun Safety and Whitekey Training presents: 3D Tactical Defense-“The Art of Tactical Self Defense”.

We are dedicated to providing you, your family, office, church and/or group with specialized training in self-defense and personal safety-with firearms, hand-to-hand and winning mental conditioning. Whether you are looking for gun training using a handgun, shotgun, rifle, AR or other approved long-gun or you live and operate in environments where guns are no longer protected by the Second Amendment-resulting in your need for a more hand-to-hand or martial arts approach training, we guarantee you that after this basic tactical training class you will gain the skills and confidence to safely protect yourself and others. In fact, after this basic tactical firearms training course you will have gun and personal safety skills that surpass 98% of the people that carry a gun for a living! This is no exaggeration AND you will have fun, be safe and learn The Art of Tactical Self Defense.

Instructor Larry's AKA "The Bearded Black Cowboy" gun training far surpasses the levels found through your average everyday class, seminar, group training or range experience etc... BBC's Firearms Training backed by years of real world experience, NRA Instruction, law enforcement service, military close combat training and professional fighting experience teaches the most proven, real-world techniques, delivered in the most efficient, fun, practical, encouraging and safe manner using positive reinforcement and a can do attitude, with friendly constructive correction to build your skill, knowledge and confidence. Again, you will have fun, be safe, learn and laugh and yah it is pretty cool; BBC brings out the best in you and if you doubt there is a better than your best in you, come on out and let’s Challenge the Impossible!

Are your skills CURRENTLY Good Enough to keep you and your family Safe? The good news is that 98% of all crime is premeditated. If you know what to look for, how to avoid it and how to defend yourself against it, you and your family will not become the next crime statistic. BBC likes to say “it ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun”.

3D Tactical 1 Day Defensive course
This outstanding course is for those who want to get a jumpstart on their personal safety and gun training utilizing basic tactical handgun and hand-to-hand defensive techniques.

Upon completion of this course you will have a fundamental understanding of the defensive use of the handgun. Among the many skill you acquire is be the ability to safely and easily present your firearm from a training holster and concealment (two very different presentations), fire sighted shots, non-sighted eye-hand coordination shots in a reactive protection mode on target! AND even more important, how to retain your weapon in a struggle.

Range Time Drills Include: Loading and Unloading; Grip, Stance, Sight Picture, Sight Alignment, eye-hand coordination, and Trigger Control; Presentation from the Ready, the holster, and Concealment;Target Engagement from close quarters standing, going to ground and on ground, Arms Length to 15yards under pressure, basic shooting on the move, induced stress scenarios, malfunctions, Live Fire and Laser Simulators, weapon retention, hand-to-hand basics, loved one/friend protection, shooting around and through cover and MUCH more...

: The Basic Tactical Course has been designed specifically to prepare the attendee for the Intermediate Tactical Course. Please note you must attend and receive a Certificate of Completion for the Basic Tactical Course before attending the Intermediate Tactical Course and you must have a certificate of completion in both the Basic and Intermediate Tactical Courses before attending the Advanced Tactical Course

This Basic Tactical Course will deliver a solid foundation in basic tactical gun handling and self defense skills. This course contains only a modest amount of tactical exercises.

*Each participant will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the training day.

For questions Please Call 469-964-1421
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